Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Review

If you want to go at high speeds, control your turning during critical conditions and do not want any accident during going downhill, you must opt for this longboard. You do not require much energy to ride this, and you can travel long distances and save money on transport. It guarantees you speed so you can reach your destination on time. Once you can balance yourself on this Freeride Longboard, you will have more control of your muscles, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as you can have control of everything and a healthy life.

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Volador Freeride Longboard
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Product Overview

It can hold individual weighing up to 250 pounds. No matter whether you an expert or a beginner this is going to be suitable for all kinds of users. This Free Ride Longboard is the right choice for anybody wanting all the benefits of a first-class ride but with a tight turning radius. Whether you are making your way through crowds or cones, this longboard will certainly do the trick. The low deck height for easy pushing, 9 inches wide deck for driving around turns and 70mm wheels for a smooth and luxurious ride and ultra-low rolling resistance.  The 42 inches drop through Longboard is a high-quality all-rounder that will win challenges against other longboards. Optimum stability makes this appropriate for down hilling.

Product Features

  • Can be ridden for long distances and huge distances. Suitable for taking to college, university, classes and down the beach and pavement
  • The manufacturers make the shipping process simple and fast. They put it in a recyclable and eco-friendly cardboard box that is easy to open
  • Comes with 180 mm aluminum trucks that also enhances its appearance by making it look astounding due to its matte black texture. They are sturdy and robust as well
  • Wheels are 70 mm and smooth which round edges Has 70mm wheels, which are incredibly smooth, and their edges are rounded off
  • Light-weight considering the length is 42 inches (including the trucks and the wheels).
  • Comes with designs in both size and various colors: Lemonade, Oriental Cherry, Purple Spade, Pine Green and Leaf Green
  • The tape makes the feet devoted to the board which improves the grip
  • The shape and design makes it easy to turn, and thus beginners can practice with this longboard
  • Goes fast at high velocities and maintains precision because of the ABEC 9 bearings
  • It is affordable and comes with all the qualities that are required for a comfortable ride
  • Bearings make the ride smooth and fast at the same time
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Product Specifications

It comes in several colors, and the weight is 8.4 pounds. The dimensions are 4 inches by 9 inches by 42 inches. Users can be a professional, expert or an amateur skater or beginner. It is for both male and female. The maximum weight limit is 250 pounds.

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