Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Review

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a skateboarding expert or not, you will be able to enjoy riding this Bamboo Longboard Skateboard. The shape, size, and weight make it the perfect ride for you on sunny days. It comes with a sleek design that’s eye-catching and attractive. If you want people to praise you, do not wait to purchase this.

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Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo
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It’s not flat like most skateboards in the market which makes it easy to ride. You can also get it in various colors to match your personality. Colour  options include black and aqua pipeline, aqua, kelp or salmon fishtail or even in a floral print of white color. The designers gave it a Californian look by carving the bamboo into an excellent shape and design.

Product Overview

If you are looking for a durable skateboard that can hold individuals weighing around 150 kg, then this should be perfect. It is suitable for any type riding. The tires and the tracks make the ride comfortable and smooth. The bamboo deck is 44 inches long so you can fit appropriately. If you are a beginner, this should be suitable because it works anywhere such as the pavement. The one riding it can control it over stones, debris and cracks, therefore, it is suitable for taking to practice. You will also be able to grip it tight in your hands when you are not riding it. There is no chance of dropping it because it weighs only 8 pounds.

Product Features

  • Fantastic premium bamboo and flexible maple structure
  • Advanced planning and regulation in its construction to avoid dangers
  • Milled wheel reduces the effect of skateboards wheel biting
  • Designed and manufactured based on anti-bite technology
  • Ball bearings are for going at high velocities and maintain accuracy at optimum level
  • Sleek and smooth 70mm by 51mm wheels
  • Reactive reverse kingpin trucks that make the product recommendable for everyone to use
  • Comes completely accumulated and the customer can ride it as soon as they open the package
  • The hardware is top notch and makes it look good
  • Aluminum trucks make it sturdy and robust
  • 80AB Grip Tape delivers optimum adhesive control for unchallenged steadiness so beginners can practice as much as they want
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Product advantages

You can spend lazy summer days riding this and make it a fun one. The pattern of bamboo is beautiful, and as soon as you get it out, you can start riding it. It is suitable for teenagers and older individuals. The skateboard can digest pebbles, rocks, and stones. You can be the owner of this vintage looking skateboard without any trouble because the price tag is affordable.

Product Specifications

This model is from the current year, and its length is 44 inches. The dimension is 5.12 inches by 9.45 inches by 44.09 inches. It weighs 8 pounds.

Product warranty

To know about the warranty if you contact the manufacturer during the purchase.

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