Mohave Skate Backpack review

Backpacks have become a staple in many different environments today. Since the backpack can be used for many different purposes and occasions, it is not uncommon for people to buy them for school, going to the gym, camping and other activities. With this in mind, here’s a few things that you should know about the Mohave Skate Backpack with Straps and Laptop Sleeve.

Element Mohave Longboard Backpack
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  • This backpack is made of 100% Polyester Materials, which includes the lining, and it has been imported.
  • Manufacturers have included a Zipper closure so that the user can store what they need securely so that nothing falls out.
  • A 14″ shoulder drop is available with this backpack in order to make it easy for people to carry the backpack wherever they go.
  • Buyers will also be glad to know that it is also made of hand washable materials. Therefore, it will much easier to keep it clean.
  •  It has been designed with 19″ high and 11″ wide diameter • For those that need these capabilities, this backpack is also made with the functionality to store an internal laptop sleeve.
  • Comes with one set of double buckle straps
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• This is one that people tend to like a lot because it comes with plenty of storage space. • The side pockets have been designed with very attractive features and they are very easy to get to, while also being large enough to hold the user’s wallet.
• People who like to carry around little things that they need are usually pleased to see that there is a side pocket that has been made to store tissues and items like gum.
• Back pocket is idea for those who like to carry their mobile phones with them in a discreet area.
• There are also other places for storage that allows the user to carry their comb and other small toiletries, headphones (earbuds) along with their cycling lights in its top pocket.
• Every item that is stored away is secure since it can be placed in areas where the user can simply zip it.
• Some people like it because this backpack has a large cargo area that is big enough for the user to store away their rain gear, their lunch for the day and any other thing that they may need to make it through the end of the day.
• This backpack has also been designed to store away clothing wear during certain seasons so that the person can always stay warm when the temperature drops below a certain degrees.


Some consumers did not like or prefer this backpack is too small to use for storing school books.

Grip Tape Tears and the bag is easy to rip with holes.


Overall, this backpack is a great buy. People like this backpack because it has a lot of room to store the items that they need. There are also different storage areas that people can place the items that they need in an organized fashion.

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