Longboard vs Skateboard: What’s Right For You?

Over time this two have been widely and wildly adopted more so by teenagers. They are quite fun and anyone who knows to maneuver their way around the boards will not only have fun sporting but even make economic decisions. The skateboard was first to be introduced, and later the longboard. To any observer from a far, it can be hard to distinguish the two, but it’s important, even before making the decision to purchase one or the other that you understand the skateboard as well as the longboard so that whichever you purchase suits your purpose well.

The skateboard versus the longboard


The skateboard is a bit shorter in size compared to the longboard as the name suggests. On average, the length of a skateboard is 30 inches by 7 inches wide, while the longboard is 25- 55 inches long by 9 inches wide. The sizes are well adapted to their functions, the skateboard being well known for performing tricks hence its curvy ends. While the various lengths of the longboards are chosen based on the preferences and purposes for which you are purchasing the longboard.

Size comparison


The purposes or use of the boards makes a great difference between them. The skateboards are well adapted and good for doing tricks, hence anyone with the preference for this, the skateboard is the go to board. While the longboards are well adapted for large terrains and can even be used for transportation and cruising.

Wheels and trucks

The trucks, usually located at the bottom of the boards also make a distinction between the skateboard and longboard. The skateboard’s trucks are such adaptive that they are suitable for grinds. While those of a longboard is designed in such a way as to allow easy turning. The wheels make a distinction as well with those of a longboard being larger and softer which makes them adaptive to even the tough terrains.

Uses of the skateboard

The skateboard is known for its main purpose; skateboarding. This is a form of recreational activity for both teens and adults that entail performing tricks using the skateboard. It hence can be considered a form of entertainment for viewers and the players, a recreational, and sporting activity.
Moreover, it’s a form of art; through the various tricks that are performed by different people, driven by their creativity and innovativeness. Some people become such artistic such that skateboarding becomes their career (artists) while others may venture into training and teaching others the tricks, e.g. the young kids willing to venture into the sport.

skateboard cool tricks

The skateboards may also be used for short distance transportation, although the longboard is specially designed for this purpose. Transportation on skateboards may not be allowed outside residential areas in some states. The skateboard is well known for among the major tricks, the kickflip, Ollie, heelflip, 360-flip among others that can only be performed by its use only.

Uses of a longboard

Longboards are used for different purposes. Their lengths are particularly adapted for various forms of longboarding such as transportation, cruising, dancing, freeride, downhill, and travel.

The longboard can sure be an easy way to cut down on your commuting expenses. The longboards for this purpose are particularly designed to allow you let loose, navigate easily and most especially be able to take sharper turns while longboarding. They are in different lengths and shape to suit you best.

Down hill

Talk of longboarding being fun. Downhill is quite a technique. It involves riding downhill at quite a high speed. At times a speed of 80 mph can be attained. However, be sure to have the right longboard for this purpose. This type of longboards is a bit long, going up to 44 inches long with wheel bases of 28-35inches.

Free ride

Like the skateboard, the longboard may be used to perform tricks. However, it may not be as suited as the skateboard, but there are a few that can be best done with the longboard. The free ride, for instance, is quite popular with longboarders.


A favorite of many ladies. What better way to show your moves than through a longboard? Longboarding experts can easily make various moves of their liking, including spinning moves. However, a smaller board is required for this purpose.


Longboards can be used to travel long distances. In the recent past, the popular travel longboarding involves long distance skating for a charitable course. The appropriate longboard is required for the occasion since it’s well adapted.

A longboard or a skateboard?

The decision lies with the individual to choose the appropriate board for themselves. It’s even quite easy to switch between the two depending on what you would like to do at the time. Say, for instance, travel from home to the beach or skate park using the longboard and back home. Then use the skateboard to have fun and adventure at the beach or park enjoying any move you can invent. However, if you want to choose a board for a given reason, then you know exactly which board to opt.

Skateboarding and longboarding are quite fun, a great way to adventure and for the love of the sport even make money through the sport. Which activities do you love most? Take time to evaluate yourself and choose the best alternative. In the instance you are unable to make a choice, why not purchase both and have all the fun and enjoyment you could ever have?

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