Different Types of Longboards Explained

There are various kinds of longboards. It is important that riders clearly understand that, so that they can make the right choice anytime they are looking for one. Unless you are familiar with this, it would be confusing for you. It is good that beginners know the different types of longboards and the differences between the various categories on the market.

The most popular kinds of longboards are as follows:

  • Cruising
  • Carving
  • Downhill
  • Freestyle
  • Free ride

These various types of longboards are suited for different riding purposes. This means that when you are making your choice, you have to consider your riding style as the boards are designed to suit different riding styles. Because of this, board comes in different sizes and shapes, and that is the reason you can easily differentiate one from the other.

If you are planning to use a longboard, you have to consider the deck as that determines the type of longboard. You should also know that the deck is indispensable, because it is responsible for the performance of the longboard. Here is an overview of the various kinds of longboards on the market.



This is one of the types of longboards and perhaps the most popular among them. The boards and decks are designed to suit downhill riding style. It is meant for the riding of downhill. This type is among the best in the market, and that is owing to several factors, the chief among them being that it is designed using the best raw materials that are available for that industry. Because of this, the product is always durable, and that is why it can easily survive even the most difficult environment. Because of that, you are sure of riding with confidence because it could hardly disappoint.

However, there could be a challenge for using that product and that has to do with wobbling when it is riding downhill with speed. Even that problem can be solved by using the best quality longboards. Depending on the type of gear you are using, the longboard can move in any direction you want it to move to. This is why it is fitted with front and rear gears and that is to move downhill in a straight direction.

Drop Through

This is the second type of longboard. This type of longboard is for those who want to relax as they ride their board. This is perhaps the most popular choice for many people because they are perfectly designed as you can see from the stylistic look of the product. If you want a longboard that you can cruise and relax, then you have to think of Drop Through. When you are looking for this type of product, the first thing that you have to consider is the issue of stability. When you are riding the product, you are doing so in confidence knowing very well that safety is guaranteed as you ride. Though you are at least safer with this longboard, you still have to take some protective measures such as wearing high quality helmet and other safety accessories like arm pads, wrist pads, as well as kneepads and so on.

Carving Longboards

This is another popular type of longboards and many people would always like to try this. You have to learn it before you begin to ride this type of longboards. It is not difficult as you think, and that means that you can master it easily. The technique is indeed awesome and you have to engage in constant practice before you can become an expert in using this type of longboards. There could be obstacles that you meet on the way, you have to swipe your way through it and that is why you need to learn how it works before you begin to ride it. You have to ensure that you get the right type when making your choice. Moreover, you must check the various brands on the market and that is the best way you can make the right choice when you are looking for this type of longboards.


This is the fourth type of longboard and this is designed to ensure that you have the most comfortable ride. You can easily cruise through your neighborhood without difficulties. If you reside in crowded areas, this might be the best options for you because they are designed for such purposes. The deck and the trucks are wider. This is to ensure that you enjoy the ride and have comfort and stability while riding. It is the best because it guarantees balance. You are going to enjoy it because it offers the perfect balance, which you desire for this type of longboard. If you learn this technique, you are going to enjoy it for a long time.


This is another popular type of longboard. Many people liked it for the fact that it highly flexible and equally light. It appears that this product has special appeal among young people. It is not surprising because it offers great advantages to them.

This is meant for those who want to go along with their longboards, especially those who are planning for a picnic and camping and so on. You have seen that this longboard is lightweight; another good thing that is going for it is the fact that it is completely organic. If you get the best quality bamboo longboards, you are going to enjoy it because of its incredible performance and multiple tricks.

The major difficulty that you are going to encounter with the product is that the wheels can be extremely difficult to replace. If you get a superior quality, longboards, you are going to enjoy it.

These are the major types of longboards. There are differences when it comes to brand. Just as there are various kinds of longboards on the market, there are various brands as well.

Some of the major brands you can lay your hands on the market include the following:

Pintail longboards

Fishtail longboards

Blunt longboards

Mini cruiser longboards

Twin longboards

Cut out longboards

Speed board longboards and several others.

These are the common types that you can lay your hands. Riders often make choice based on their riding preferences and skill. If you want to enjoy this adventurous sport, you are going to choose the perfect longboard that can serve your purpose.

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