Dakine Mission Backpack Review

Even though most people may think of a backpack as a good place to carry their books for school, a backpack can be used for so much more. This is why the Dakine Mission Backpack can also serve numerous needs for people today. Before any individual buys this backpack, however, it is very important that they know what to expect. Because no two backpacks are the same, buyers can review each aspect to see if it is will suit their personal needs.

Dakine Mission Backpack

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– The backpack is made of 100% polyester materials
– Straps for the shoulder are removable
– Designed with many different types of places to store both small and big items
– Made in a wide variety of different colors so people can pick and choose which colors that they prefer the best, from red and black combinations to dark brown and light brown.
– Made with many different types of zipper that people can use to close each section that they store the things that they need.

• This backpack features a removable strap drop that makes it easy for the user to carry around with them. where ever they go.
o This backpack is described as a popular choice for many who have already made these purchases.
o It considered being the ultimate choice for those who want to take it wherever they want to go and is super organized and equipped for camping and other fun outdoor activities.
o Comes with a padded iPad sleeve that is dedicated to these types of devices.
Great for travel and for everyday activities

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• Great choice for those who want a good backpack that has a lot of compartment spaces.
• Comes with excellent support for carrying it around for one place to another. Specifically, because the straps are exceptionally thick and has enough padding for the extra support
• Durable enough to last without being easily torn up.

• Straps help to cushion and distribute the weight so it has great support.
• Perfect for storing all kinds of different electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, and other popular items.
• Fits on the back very nicely, but it also light to carry
• Serves a wide range of different purposes so it lives up to its name ‘mission’


• Color choices can come inaccurate colors not the same as ordered. Different from the pictures shown in the ads.
• Narrow so it is not as roomy for placing big items inside of the backpack


Overall, this backpack is an ideal choice for people who want a backpack that can serve multiple different purposes. Made for both women and men since the colors provided can range from very light to dark colors. A very popular choice for many since it has very anything that a person needs for different activities.

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