Best Longboard Brands 2018 – Top 10 reviewed

If you are a thrillist and already looking to join the longboard skating pact, then we welcome you to the skating lane. It will get bumpy, and yes, you will fall off the boarding wagon many times but guess what? You will be a new sensation within a few short months. Okay, let’s take a pose. We cannot quite guarantee how fast you will gain your stability on the board or even how long it will take you to maneuver all the curves and straight lines. But, there is one thing that we are sure of – your skating improves and gets closer to perfection if you are on the right longboard. A longboard from a big brand is what we mean.

There are hundreds of longboard brands but, high longboarding performance starts with getting a longboard from the best longboard brands. To buy a longboard, look at the label first. Here are some of the leading brands as per the market and out in-house skating team and longboard lovers:

Best Longboard Companies Reviewed

1. Sector 9

Sector 9 started out from very humble beginnings in San Diego more than 20 years ago – started out in 1993. Their first toys were cruisers and skateboards which have evolved to the wise assortment of boards up Sector 9’s sleeve. Currently, Sector 9 features fascinating downhill slayers and minis. Like most other longboard companies, diversity is essential and seen the awesome skating and longboarding gear. Sector 9 has an in-house longboarding team.

In the past five years, Sector 9 has continually impressed longboarders thanks to the boards’ attractive design, the size, unbeaten quality, safety, riding style and the boards’ overall performance.

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2. Quest

Quest is another big contender in the race to being the leading longboarding brand, and this is because this is a company that listens to customer needs and acts accordingly. Their boards are renowned for their size, speed, color, design, performance, and quality – in no particular order.

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3. Atom

Atom came into the skating rink in 2005, and since then, it remains one of the contenders for the top spot in all longboard and skating matters. Their longboards are known for their high-quality, stability, and light-weightedness. Because of their maximum stability, Atom Longboards are perfect for skating downhill.

To meet different needs of the market, Atom offers electric longboards that work for all terrains, and their longboards are very affordable.

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4. Yocaher

Yocaher is a Chino, a California-based skateboard company that makes to our books as the oldest of all the best longboard brands. It has been in the boarding business since 1975, and it has grown through the changes in the market. Yocaher continually meets the needs of riders with their continuously modified and reinvented longboard designs. Yocaher longboards are the safest longboards in the market, and if you are a parent, your child probably owns one of these boards – maybe you rode it growing up too!

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Besides Yocaher’s design for safety, their longboards exude creativity and perfect curves turning, curving or sliding. The longboards hold sturdily even under high-speed riding making them a favorite for young riders or older ones who put safety above versatility.

5. Rayne

Did you know that Rayne makes some of the highest quality bamboo longboards on the market? Yes. Rayne Longboards have fiberglass and bamboo construction which gives assurance of the best skating experience imagined. To stand out from other longboard brands, Rayne Longboards have decks with a crispy flow resulting in a unique and a cool personality that beats their competition.
Besides the touch and feel that lead to the impressive design and design quality, Rayne direct their focus towards freerides, minis, carves, and downhill rides for all fans. As keen observers, we realize that Rayne longboards have double kicks, cruisers, pushers, and dancers. In their sales, Rayne offers one-offs and protos. Their longboards are a creation of quality, authenticity, and progression and since 2004, they haven’t let any of their customers and fans down. Rayne is a Vancouver-based company.

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6. Earthwing

Having been in the longboard design and production scene since 1998, Earthwing, a Brooklyn-based company continually produces classic longboards to its fans. Their skating boards are preferable for use on the street, in the park, pools, and downhill rides. This versatility is the result of years of expertise and the determination to deliver the highest quality boards. Any adrenaline junkie will be fascinated by Earthwing longboard decks as well as the wheels which guarantee sleek free rides and tech slides.

This company is among the top contenders on the market and one of the only businesses that live by its slogan ‘You Deserve More.’ Earthwing’s got you in all matters durable longboards for fun.

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7. Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective has been here longer than most of our readers – started making longboards after 1998, but they hit the market first in 1995 with snowboards followed by skateboards in 1998. Their longboards stand out and just when you begin to bask in the beauty of the boards, a bigger and a heartwarming surprise hits you – Arbor Collective donates a percentage of their proceeds to groups dedicated to protecting rainforests. Cool, isn’t it?

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As believers of sustainability of natural resources, Arbor Collective wins our hearts and our feet too. We hold to the adage that their longboards are the best compared to many others.

8. Comet

If there is one thing that continually stands out for Comet, we’d say it is the durability of their boards. Every comet longboard is tough, and it can withstand a bit of pressure. The strength results from the construction design which encompasses the use of Comet-specific wood glue plus coating. These materials are eco-friendly and the reason for the super strength. Comet places a lot of emphasis on finer details as exhibited by their graphical features on the boards.

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9. Landyachtz

The name gives an inkling as to what you can expect from this longboard brand – you will be cruising on the skating rink and off-road. The reason we say this is because Landyachtz is one of the biggest longboard brands. This brand name escapes the mouths of many gasping skaters because it is that good. The company set its roots in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada and since then, they have been on an upward staircase of success and better inventions.


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By keeping the needs of skaters in mind and using the best technological applications to deliver the best features in their longboards, Landyacthz gets the trust of many companies. You may have and will see them in different podiums and events which they are sponsoring.
Wondering what makes their longboards lauded across the board? In our case, it is the lightweight (thanks to the hollow tech construction), and the 45.5-inch longboard works in all terrains. It is strong but agile, and yes, you can take any of their beauties to a dance off. Landyacthz longboards are also fashionable and artistic.

You’ll be pleased to know that Landyacthz is the company behind Hawgs and Bear, respective wheel and truck companies.


10. Loaded

Loaded continues to impress in the longboarding sport. The ability to meet the needs of the rider result from the fact that Loaded works with riders, listens to them, then acts. This makes Loaded unbeatable in the dancing and freestyling category of longboards. The incorporation of tricks to the boards yields the excellent abilities and effectiveness in dance-offs.

The boards don’t just work for dance offs, Loaded has a wider range of longboards for cruising and others for legendary bhangra dancing. Loaded partners with Oragatang and Paris.

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Picking a longboard can be confusing when you have to look through an extensive list of possibly good brands. But, research is necessary and the only way to get the best longboards brands. The best brands have the best longboards for all ages as you choose, look out for longboard features like suitability, portability, the level of adventure you can experience with the board, affordability, eco-friendliness, and your personality.

Besides reviews of the best longboard brands, look at the riding style, the design, the color, the deck, the wheels, the truck, bearing, and the bushing.

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