About us

That’s me

As a typical skater kid, I’d skate around the neighborhood with a group of friends, going up and down back streets all summer long. Growing up, difficult tricks learned at the skateboarding park kept me away from the skateboarding life, but that didn’t make me want to stop pushing the board every once in awhile due to the relaxing feeling it gave me.

The moment I learned about longboards, my life changed for the better. No longer needing to push every few seconds to gain momentum along a sidewalk, I am able to enjoy riding whenever I can with my vast collection of longboards I have collected these past ten years.

With longboards gaining momentum, I wish someone had been there to help me when I had first purchased my own. Afterall, they come in so many shapes and setups, that each board is different in its own way. Although I am shamed to admit it, my first longboard was purchased at a shopping mall, and was practically a waste of money. It took me a year to make an upgrade to a longboard that would help me learn and appreciate their worth.

I created this website to help others find their perfect longboard, so that they don’t have to go through the same shame as I did when I was first starting out. My crew and I are more than happy to help anyone who wants to find the perfect longboard for their lifestyle. We even have a list of recommended board with reviews to help out in the decision making process.

Feel free to contact us on the ‘Contact Us’ page if you need more guidance or have any questions.